Beyond All Hierarchies -A- Naked Truth: Nackt Kollektiv

Nacktkollektiv ‘Silent Green’ group picture

“This moment is ours and we encourage you to see it with our eyes as well.”

Nackt Kollektiv made up of artists and activists who want to speak the truth of their minds and bodies through art.

They want to speak out art. They are at war with patriarchy and capitalism. They rehabilitate the ugly, the fat, the witches and revolutionaries to fight against what is forced upon them, to break the invisible chains of their oppressors with the nakedness of the truth.

Cristina (ViVi Black), Mariana Rodriguez Acebal & Jördis Hirsch in screen-printing studio in STATTLAB, 2022

They are Cristina (ViVi Black) from Barcelona, who is currently also studying art therapy, Mariana Rodriguez Acebal, an illustrator and comic book designer, and Jördis Hirsch, a screen printer and freelance artist at STATTLAB on Drontheimer Straße in the Soldiner Kiez.

Since Jördis and Mariana knew each other from a stay in Paris and Cristina and Mariana were friends, things soon came full circle: In 2021 they came to found the collective together -with about ten other participating artists- and are dedicated to authenticity, truth and the unembellished, which is related to being a woman; they encounter each other in a strictly authentic manner, towards themselves and together. And they support each other by planning the exhibitions together and also balancing each other out in their contributions, which can be very important when several projects need to be kept going at the same time.

Exhibit Poster R114

“Doesn’t matter from which scene you come, this need of competition and rivalry exists and it can create a very toxic behavior towards someone. We have enough repression by being a woman in this society, so let’s support each other’s success and create a beautiful net that goes on the way to overthrow the patriarchy.”


Cristina is an illustrator and graphic designer from Barce­lona based in Berlin. She finished her graphic design studies in 2016 and then moved to Berlin. Her work would be defined as feminist, surrealistic and figurative art.

A short interview with ViVi ‘Cristina’ Black, one of the founders of Nackt Kollektiv

In her artworks, she wants to grasp different types of bodies, such a woman’s body, trans, queer or intersexual bodies in various techniques, materials and coatings that represent the beauty of those bodies, and she convey the fee­lings and sensations that someone can feel in the course of one’s life, especially when you are an immigrant and woman. Her artworks and projects, such as feminist fanzines, illus­trations and designs, seek to combine what we feel about ste­reotypes of the “non-standard bodies”, through paintings, texts and drawings that usually have a dual meaning and express harshness as well as beauty.

‘Androgynous Celtic Roots’ by ViVi Black dedicated to real warriors, our mothers.
NØTHING – Ø demo [ALLEMAGNE – 2022]

> ViVi BLACK <

ViVi Black

A short interview with Jördis Hirsch, one of the founders of Nackt Kollektiv. Berlin 2022

Jördis Hirsch

Jördis Hirsch works as a freelance artist with a focus on screen printing in Berlin. After studying graphic design and illustration in Marburg and Paris, she has been leading workshops, exhibitions and art projects in the artist collective STATTLAB e.V. since 2015. She has received several grants for artist residency programmes in France, Italy, Tanzania and Mexico. As poster art, her interventions conquer public space.

She specialises in the graphic depiction of people and animals in an urban context. Subtle humour and socially critical commentary are set in the context of gender-specific role models and hierarchical structures. She works mostly analogue, using sustainable materials from her immediate environment that she incorporates into the printing process.

Jördis Hirsch, silk screen series

Geboren in den letzten Zügen der DDR hat Jördis ihre Kindheit im Berlin der Wendejahre verbracht. Alles schien möglich, alles war im Um­bruch, alles sah neu aus, war es aber nicht. Berlin ist Jördis trotzdem treu geblieben, nach einem Kunststudium dass sie erst in den goldenen Westen und später nach Paris verschlug, kehrte sie aus Liebe zu der großen hässlichen Stadt zurück und baute hier gemeinsam mit einer Gruppe unerschrockener Idealisten ein Künstlerkollektiv auf. Druc­kend, zeichnend und singend bahnt sie sich seitdem ihren Weg. mit offe­nen Augen und der Sehnsucht im Herzen, die die Überwindung einer Grenze hinterließ.

Ihre Werke sind gekennzeichnet durch einen expressiven Ausdruck und einen kompromisslosen Strich, sie sucht darin zu fassen was uns Mens­chen alle miteinander verbindet. Eine wichtige Rolle spielt der Humor als Ausdruck von Lebensfreude und Furchtlosigkeit vor dem Schicksal. Im spielerischen Zugang er­kennt man den Ernst der Lage. Ihre Motive, in denen tierisches häufig nur allzumenschlich, menschliches dafür umso animalischer wirkt, sind Zeichen des Aufbegehrens. Das spiegelt sich auch in Jördis Technik wieder, in der sie bewusst Elemente der Monotypie der repeptitiven Te­chnik des Siebdrucks entgegen setzt.

Jördis Hirsch with her mural, 2022

NK Exhibition at Werkhallewiesenburg 2022, Berlin / Photography by Minuit Moins Six

NK Exhibition at Werkhallewiesenburg 2022, Berlin / Photography by Minuit Moins Six
NK Exhibition at Werkhallewiesenburg 2022, Berlin / Photography by Minuit Moins Six
NK Exhibition at Werkhallewiesenburg 2022, Berlin / Photography by Minuit Moins Six
NK Exhibition at Werkhallewiesenburg 2022, Berlin / Photography by Minuit Moins Six
NK Exhibition at Werkhallewiesenburg 2022, Berlin / Photography by Minuit Moins Six

Photography by minuit moins six

NK Exhibition at Werkhallewiesenburg 2022, Berlin



My art is a declaration.

A declaration of war
Against this capitalist system which exploits us,
Kills us,
Destroy us,
Oppresses us,
And assassinates us.

KARPETT – Wood Cut, 2020

My art is a riposte.

I create for the women,
For the faggs,
For the dykes,
For the trans,
For the poors,
For the stoners,
For the unloved,
For the forgotten,
For the foreigners,
For the refugees,
and all those left behind.
I create to give them a weapon,
I create to teach them how to fight,
I create to give them the right to exist,
I create to make them believe in themselves
I create to show them that they have value
I create to give them back their dignity,
I create to encourage them to never stop fighting, without
making any concession.
I create to give them hope,
I create to show them that a brighter future is possible.


KARPETT – Wood Cut, 2020

Mural art by KARPETT / Nackt-Kollektiv, Werkhallewiesenburg 2022, Berlin

Photography by minuit moins six

Mural art by KARPETT / Nackt-Kollektiv, Werkhalle Wiesenburg 2022, Berlin

Anka & Darkam at Sterput for the Darkam exhibition, 2018


After strolling through the corridors of the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège during her training in monumental painting, followed by the study of Comics at St Luc in the same city, she left for Brussels to make new experiences. At that point she became active as an event planner in different locations, including the E2 Gallery “Le Sterput”. She became in charge of organizing various types of events, such as exhibitions, concerts, happenings, performances, editions, etc… From this rich background built through involvement and connections, she aspired to get back to her first discipline, personal and current, the art of illustration.

Anka Drawings at Berlin at Disconnect store exhibition 2020
Anka Drawings 2021-2022

“I mostly focus on portrait drawing because I like capturing people’s emotions and transmitting it through my own vision, whether it might be a harder view, something more dynamic or supernatural. My drawings are the sharing of my own sensistivty, an inner emotional response to a subject or a person.”

Anka Drawings 2021-2022
Anka with her self-published E² labeled Darkam’s book

Anka also published a book of Darkam’s illustrations and recorded a -very disturbing and transgressive- live performance held as part of the exhibition.

Apart from this, we can’t help talking about the artist’s productions for many different collectives and publications such as ‘Gonzine’, ‘Alkom’x’, ‘EpOx et BoTOx éditions’. Also the latest works for the ‘Archives de la Zone Mondiale’ and of her collaboration with the editions like ‘Bongout’ Beuys On Sale (in graphzine and photo edition) are some of the artist’s remarkable works.

Anka ‘BONGOUT edition 2021’, Anka Drawings 2022

For more art and communication:


Mariana Rodríguez Acebal / photography by Teresa


Rodríguez Acebal

Mariana Rodríguez is a Berlin-based comic artist, she is best known for her symbolic, free style illustrations highly inspired by feminism. Her techniques are normally screen printing, simple drawings or watercolors. Also, she’s a member of the Berliner underground comic group “Bilderberg Konferenz”.

Mariana Rodríguez Acebal
Mariana Rodríguez Acebal ‘The Níght Citizens’

The line of the illustrations are filled with cynical humor, and the concepts touch absurdity in order to reflect the irony of reality.

> Walrus Blues <

Mariana Rodríguez Acebal

Teresa Hide

Teresa Hide

Teresa is a content writer from Spain, always passionate about old cameras and analog photography. After graduating as a psychologist she moved to France where she further developed her interest in analog photography amidst a stimulating artistic environment. Teresa often shoots on 35mm film but she also experiments with medium formats and instant film cameras. She captures meditative moments, portraits of friends, apprehen­ding the uniqueness of people, places and situations seen throu­gh the eyes of a curious observer.

T e r e s a

Analog Photography

M Ö S T L Y C R Ü D E / Berlin 2020


Michaela is a travelling fine-art photographer with a current residency in Berlin. She has always been fasci­nated by the capability of a photograph to capture a moment that’s gone forever. For her, photography has a bigger meaning.

With every photo she takes, she feels the responsibili­ty of creating something powerful, something that could eventually become a visual heritage of world cultures and urban subcultures. In her artwork, she likes to express raw emotions, often something strange yet beautiful.

Michaela Petranova, 2020

She plays with light and bold colours, and in most cases, her photographs have a dramatic, cinematic feel to them. Whether they are ordinary people or remarka­bly talented artists, she finds all her subjects, in one way or another, very inspiring, beautiful, and absolutely crucial to her artwork.


Criminal Flowers ‘Vegan Flash Day’ 2021
Criminal Flowers


Rebbeca Sauve is an artist and tattooer currently based in Berlin. Inspired by political atrocities, dystopian societies, horror movies, all things dark, and a deep love for punk.

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Criminal Flowers, illustration, ink on paper, 2021
Criminal Flowers, ink on paper tattoo art, 2021

Mallie Hellström

A Northerner Storm

Mallie Hellström

Mallie Hellström is a contemporary analog collagist and interdisciplinary artist works in her own studio based in Berlin, Lichtenberg. Mallie is a young artist, but it is possible to come across an intense experience in her art already. She is synthesizing the modernist collage tradition with the surrealist attitude, bringing it to the present day and creating miracles.

She also curates regularly group-exhibitions and art-events such as Karnival Of Arts – that is a three days art-event since 2020 (with focus for flinta artists since 2022), and in solidarity from this year with artistic and cultural associations with social interests.

She has been interested in colors since her early ages, has improved herself by making detailed drawings and posters over time. In the paintings which she creates by releasing the subconscious with surrealist automatic technique, a decorative intensity, a textural elegance, interesting symbols and expressions waiting to be revealed are hidden.

Mallie Hellström, ‘Untitled’ Mixed media collage, 2022
A short presentation from Mallie Hellström, one of the participating artists of Nackt Kollektiv

These are not enough for Hellström, with the collage technique she has developed, the artist begins to create touching and critical scenes over time.

Her work honors the Dada aesthetic in the 21st century. Mallie takes the viewer on a tour through many layers of thought and history in her compositions created with the traditional method, these visual poems can also be read as serious paintings that examine many concepts.

Mallie Hellström ‘Höhenangst’ Mixed media collage, 2023

She also takes active part in many art collectives and open to receive requests for exhibitions as well collaborations under her instagram @artbyhellstrm or by email artbyhellstrm @

Mallie Hellström, ‘Soul Tank’ Mixed media collage on paper (made out of a older abstract painting of the artist) 19,5 x 14,0 cm, 2016-2023

for more: artbyhellstrm

A mini-interview with Mallie Hellström, one of the participating artists of Nackt Kollektiv. Berlin 2022

Maria Mö

Contemporary artist & İllustrator from Berlin

a.k.a Maha Mask

Maria Mö ‘Mask relief’ exhibited at Werkhalle Wiesenburg, 2022, Berlin

Katya Yakihama’s artworks at Nacktkollektiv exhibition, 2023
Katya Yakimakha


Katya Yakimaha, has been drawing since 2015 and loves to draw posters of festivals and art for merch, she is very active in the punk-sce­ne in St. Petersburg and also does great tattoos.


Tattoo sketchbook by Katya Yakimaha, one of the participating artists of Nackt Kollektiv. Berlin 2023
Katya Yakimakha

Kristina Zero

Chaos in Order


Kristina is an illustrator and tattooer from Greece based in Berlin.

Kristina Zero

Naava Kelo

“How do we live in this fast-paced modern society in a spiral of endless consumption, increasing right-wing politics, patriarchy and inequality?”

Naava Kelo

Naava Kelo is a photographer who thrives from the nature, but got caught in the beat of the city. When observing the life and rhythm of the developing Metropol, Naava reflects questions through the lens; How do we live in this fast-paced modern society in a spiral of endless consumption, increasing right-wing politics, patriarchy and

She combines urban scenery and elements of nature with mixed technics of analog and digital photography.

IINA, Japan, 2023


Finland based photographer and illustrator lives in Berlin.


IINA, Berlin, 2022
IINA, Japan, 2023

Sara Bipede ‘Everything Connects’ 2020


Graduated at the art academy between Milan and Rotterdam in 2009. After that chose the underground comic world of small publishing houses as the right environment to develop her art. Since 2011 has been self publishing her comics, posters and zines and taking part in numerous festivals and publications all around Europe. At the moment she’s involved in two big projects, printing her new comic book ©IOSOJRASERILAB, a workshop at 1400 mt in the Italian alps and mixing masks craft, songwriting and video in her music project VAS.


Sara Bipede ‘Meltificatia’ 2020

Marina Knup ‘ABC da Anarquia’ 2017

Marina Knup

Anarkopunk, tattoo artist/ illustrator and anarchist movie maker from Brasil based in Mexico. Part of the projects Anarco Filmes, Tormenta flegra Konspiracio -nes Nomadas- Distro y editorial, and another initia­tives on punk/ anarchism.

Marina Knup Tattoo

Picture taken in Georgia of a survivor lady by ViVi Black


We vindicate the figure of the LADY as a perpetuator of the D.I.Y, as a survivor of a rotten system that belittled, mistreated and silenced them. Their experience and knowledge will always be an inspiration.

Their resistance is what defines them.

Let’s vindicate the figure of the LADY!

Jördis Hirsch, Cristina (Vivi Black) and Mariana Rodriguez Acebal in STATTLAB

Liberation and freedom for a life in Diversity and with creativity.

The striking red stamp-like logo Cristina made is a striking emblem. It is a circle filled with symbols of the vulva and phallus in order – as Jördis Hirsch describes it – to politically emphasize the desired and desired togetherness.

The women of the Nacktkollektiv appreciate it very much to be connected with artists also internationally, because the many feminist perspectives that are thereby brought to women’s concerns expand the insights and insights into what women today want to fight for: Liberation and freedom to live in diversity and with creativity. An insight into the work of the women artists is provided by an extensive illustrated portfolio. It is Mariana who promotes the networking of the interested international women artists and also prints their works or strengthens their acquaintances from other contexts.

Based on the article written by Renate Straetling for the Weiser magazine.

Feministischer Authentizität verbunden: Nacktheit = Selbstvertrauen

NK Group picture – Werkhalle Wiensenburg

KARPETT adds finally

“We are a ‘Women Collective’. If so far most of our members are cis women, I would say that we are a “FLINTA” collective, we are open to women and queers, gender non conforming or trans people and we want to create a safe space for them to create.”

An AnarchoPvnk feminist Art Collective

based in Berlin

Nackt Kollektiv