Re:Surgo! Strikes Back with a ‘Bongoût’ than Ever

‘Bongoût 09’ fold out poster zines (2020)

Legendary silkscreen printers Re:Surgo! started to print some old style Bongoût grafzines again as we miss, if you want to join the adventure, you would get in contact with them via email : First experiment ‘Bongoût 667‘ is featuring Guillaume Moinet, Jana Barthel, Mathieu Desjardins, Arnaud Loumeau, Rob Barber, FTZ, Franziska Schaum, Raimon Keimig, Pete Corrie, Benedikt Rugar & Miroslav Weissmüller and it tastes Bongoût than ever !

Berlin-based duo Bongoût talks about applying their unique approach to screen printing to everything from wallpaper to album covers.
Gfeller & Hellsgård ‘Bongoût 667’ fold out poster zine (2020)
‘Bongoût 667’ fold out poster zine (2020)

While new issues are on the way, don’t forget to visit Re:Surgo! web store for ‘Beuys on Sale’ collection also for possible screen-printed artists’ books, riso & graph’zines, gigposters and prints, Bongoût rules forever !

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