Mavado Charon: Take Revenge on Normalcy

mavado 01
Mavado Charon, ballpoint pen on paper, 2013

The uneasy spring of 1988. Under the pretext of drug control suppressive police states have been set up throughout the Western world. The precise programing of thought feeling and apparent sensory impressions by the technology outlined in bulletin 2332 enables the police states to maintain a democratic facade from behind which they loudly denounce as criminals, perverts and drug addicts anyone who opposes the control machine. Underground armies operate in the large cities enturbulating the police with false information through anonymous phone calls and letters. Police with drawn guns irrupt at the Senator ’s dinner party a very special dinner party too that would tie up a sweet thing in surplus planes.

Mavado Charon: About my artwork, I’m making comics and drawings since I’m a child, and I always wanted to express violent and sexual scenes… but didn’t really succed for many, many years. I’ve got thousands of bad drawings that I won’t show to anybody, because they’re awful. I was using the classical technique teached by comic artists: first you draw with graphit pen, then you ink with china ink and a (plume), but I was not comfortable with this technique. Then, five years ago, I started to (improviser mes dessins) with a rollpoint pen, on small sheets of bad paper. I was very happy with the result that make the drawing much more (vivant)! It was the begining of Mavado Charon‘s career!

About publication, I first started to port my drawings on a blog, and was spotted by Billy Miller, the editor of the famous american gay magazine ‘Straight-to-hell‘. He encourages me to show my artwork, and then I’ve started to publish here or there.

mavado 02
Mavado Charon, ballpoint pen on paper, 2013

“We been tipped off a nude reefer party is going on here. Take the place apart boys and you folks keep your clothes on or I’ll blow your filthy guts out.”

Could you tell us about the resources feeding this imagination?

I’ve got, of course, numerous ressources of inspiration for my artwork, that are mixed togheter! There is childhood inspiration like Hokuto No Ken, the post-apocalyptic manga i was watching at TV when i was a kid, violent video games like Mortal Kombat or Final Fight, or even pro-wrestling! I can mention all the gay porn that i watch since i’m a teenager: from Treasure Island Media films (bareback movies focused on sperm) to the classical Falcon studios movies. The first John Waters movies!

I can of course mention the international weird graphic i love: the japanese Ero-Guro (the great Maruo) and Uta-Hema styles, italian 80′ violent and porn comics loke Ranxerox or Necron, and of course fanzines and graphzine, Le Dernier Cri and United Dead Artists at the first place!

One of my main graphical ressources is Henry Darger, the fabulous american artist! Of course because he made huge drawings with thousand and thousand characters that kill and torture each others, but also because he is talking about vengeance: the Vivian Girls are avenging themselves against adults, that kill children. I oftent think about this idea of “vengeance”, and my drawings can also express the vengeance of queer people (gay, trans, bi, weirdos, creeps…) against normality.

But my main source of inspiration come from litterature! I read a lot, and (l’oeuvre) of William Burroughs, D.A.F. de Sade, Pierre Guyotat,… this is where i find myself!

I love the idea that when you express something in artwork (drawings, texts…) you make it live, you make it happen. If Sade, Burroughs or Guyotat didn’t write what they write, I would be absolutly lost in this world! There is a place for me to live here because of there words, that create places to live for people like me. I just trying to make differents places where different people can live and (trouver refuge).

mavado 03
Mavado Charon, ballpoint pen on paper, 2013

We put out false alarms on the police short wave directing patrol cars to nonexistent crimes and riots which enables us to strike somewhere else. Squads of false police search and beat the citizenry. False construction workers tear up streets, rupture water mains, cut power connections. Infra-sound installations set off every burglar alarm in the city. Our aim is total chaos. 

We trace distinctive a way longing from the Surrealists to Bataille, then to Sade in French Literature. Where do you think this tradition is attached to; can we explain it as results of the effects of heterodoxal religions within that geography?

It’s true that, like many others, religions were very important for French culture, and I don’t know if it’s still that important. I think this tradition is also attached to (l’hérétisme) that mean “freedom of toughs” in Greek. The “Pilosophes des Lumières” form the French 18e centuries, the René Descartes was very important: It was a begining of an era where you can think the world without any god. Of course, the whole oeuvre de Sade was a war declaration against god, and it is fondamental for me. He was also one a the first writer to talk about homosexuality, sodomy… My drawings refer a lot to Sade!

mavado 04
Mavado Charon, ballpoint pen on paper, 2013

Loft room map of the city on the wall. Fifty boys with portable tape recorders record riots from TV. They are dressed in identical grey flannel suits. They strap on the recorders under gabardine topcoats and dust their clothes lightly with tear gas. They hit the rush hour in a flying wedge riot recordings on full blast police whistles, screams, breaking glass crunch of nightsticks tear gas flapping from their clothes. They scatter put on press cards and come back to cover the action. Bearded Yippies rush down a street with hammers breaking every window on both sides leave a wake of screaming burglar alarms strip off the beards, reverse collars and they are fifty clean priests throwing petrol bombs under every car WHOOSH a block goes up behind them. Some in fireman uniforms arrive with axes and hoses to finish the good work.

mavado 05
Mavado Charon, ballpoint pen on paper, 2013

In Mexico, South and Central America guerrilla units are forming an army of liberation to free the United States. In North Africa from Tangier to Timbuctu corresponding units prepare to liberate Western Europe and the United Kingdom. Despite disparate aims and personnel of its constituent members the underground is agreed on basic objectives. We intend to march on the police machine everywhere. We intend to destroy the police machine and all its records. We intend to destroy all dogmatic verbal systems. The family unit and its cancerous expansion into tribes, countries, nations we will eradicate at its vegetable roots. We don’t want to hear any more family talk, mother talk, father talk, cop talk, priest talk, country talk or party talk. To put it country simple we have heard enough bullshit. 

Interview with Mavado Charon 09, 2015 / Segments in italics excerpted from WSB ‘Wild Boys’

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