Yves Hänggi’s Artistic World

Yves Hänggi (33)
Yves Hänggi (2019)

His artistic universe is nourished by contemporary comics, independent comics, free figuration, pop art, popular arts and brute art. Born in 1966 in Porrentruy, Switzerland, a graduate of the Bienne School of Visual Arts and a member of the Swiss Association of Visual Artists Visarte, he is an illustrator, painter, graphic artist and organizer of cultural events. Passionate about travel, he love to travel the world with his feet and carnets, as for example during a tour of the world in 2015. His work is the subject of exhibitions in Switzerland, France, Belgium, USA and Madagascar and has been published by several Swiss and French publishers. I reside and work in Porrentruy.

Yves Hänggi (28)
Yves Hänggi (2018)
Yves Hänggi (13)
Yves Hänggi (2018)
Yves Hänggi (29)
Yves Hänggi with his micro-edition (2018)

As a cultural organizer, he manage several associations and cultural centers, showrooms, artist tours, contemporary art exhibitions, artistic events and festivals in Switzerland and Belgium, in the fields of current music, theater, and comic strip and the cinema. He also worked in communication, journalism and the humanitarian. He was awarded the 2019 Culture Prize of the City of Porrentruy. He is available for illustration and graphic design projects and for any exciting exhibition and publication proposal.


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