Diego Lazzarin and Amino Acid Boy

Diego Lazzarin
Diego Lazzarin ‘Disaster’ 2015

Diego Lazzarin is one of the artists I have grown familiar with recently. Clicking my way onto his website I was immediately struck by the raw application of paint’s that created images that looked like the harlequin child of a Marc Chagall painting for the illustrations in his debut Graphic Novel ‘Amino Acid Boy and The Chaos Order’. Lazzarin gives a brief outline of the book which follows Amino Acid Boy a creature sent to earth by his lord a Bio-Architectural-Metal-Meat-Machine that lives in a dark cave in outer space. Whilst on earth Amino Acid Boy‘s aim is to understand individual human desires by assimilating in himself the DNA of humans in order to understand their way of thinking outside of basic biological survival instincts which the lord finds incredibly illogical. With this transition of understanding in Amino Acid Boy various interesting scenarios promise to unfold.


Diego Lazzarin ‘Amino Acid Boy’
Image from Amino Acid Boy and the Chaos Order

Digging further through the website I came across Lazzarin‘s animated videos. The videos stuck firmly in my head as an odd sickly coloured dew biologically infused cyber reality reminiscent of early mid-90’s video game cutscenes but in no way pastiche of retro style graphics but more so a progressive affirmation of this kind of aesthetic that he occupies very well, a world seemingly steeped in a sticky energy drink formula. One of my favourite of his video pieces though is for Lazzarin‘s electronic music project Microwavewerewolves, the video and song Hagiography of Porn infuses a hot and frantic piece of electro music with a warped out and rehashed 70’s porno flick watched with bangers and mash, the result is both equally disturbing and hilarious.

Another video for a song Voglio Amore is a short and sweet horror chase involving a young terrified woman being tracked through a forest by a giant flying insect creature that then persists to dismember the women with venomous flames before defecating maggots into her pulped out stubs.


Aminoacid Boy-1
Image from Amino Acid Boy and the Chaos Order

With the 160 page ‘Amino Acid Boy and The Chaos Order’ Graphic Novel almost complete after three years of work and the aim for a crowd funding in May it would be worth while subscribing for updates on Lazzarin‘s website to get involved in the realisation of this project. Also while your there check out his videos, music and other work on diegolazzarin.com.

Stephen Morton, 2015 / Moot Profiles

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