Woman Behind the Sun: Mallie Hellström

Detail: Mallie Hellström, Collage on carton, A4, 2022

Her Above Everything*

Mallie Hellström

She come from far,
In the wildeness of her life,
To reach the optimum,
She is protection,
Her senses are passion,
Fired hearts in a thunderstorm of raw feelings,
The universe melts emotions,
Let you and her feel like it will be
the best last bit of everything.

*Poem for the collage self-titled

Mallie Hellström, Tryptic ‘No.1: Her Above Everything’, ‘No.2: Beauty Dies Last’, ‘No.3: One Step Back Three Steps Forward’ Photo Montage, 2022

Mallie Hellström is a contemporary analog collagist and interdisciplinary artist works in her own studio based in Berlin, Lichtenberg. Mallie is a young artist, but it is possible to come across an intense experience in her art already. She is synthesizing the modernist collage tradition with the surrealist attitude, bringing it to the present day and creating miracles.

She also curates regularly group-exhibitions and art-events such as Karnival Of Arts – that is a three days art-event since 2021 (with focus for flinta and queer artists since 2022) and in solidarity from this year with artistic and cultural associations with social interests.

She has been interested in colors since her early ages, has improved herself by making detailed drawings and posters over time. In the paintings which she creates by releasing the subconscious with surrealist automatic technique, a decorative intensity, a textural elegance, interesting symbols and expressions waiting to be revealed are hidden.

Mallie Hellström, sketch, ink on paper, 2017

Mallie Hellström, Collages on carton, Left: ‘Untitled’, Right: ‘Seculum’ A4, 2022

One Step Back

Three Steps Forward*

Mallie Hellström

Sie erwarteten nichts und doch,
Verwechselten sie Ängste mit Liebe,
Die eine Liebe die sie verdienten,
Konnten sie sich nicht erfüllen,
Um schlussendlich zu realisieren,
Es war Ilussion, eine Zeitlang gut,
Wieder aufgebaut auf Trümmern,
Ihrer einst so tiefen Zuneigung,
Lass los, lass laufen,
Es wird für beide ein großes Los sein,
Was nicht zusammengehört,
Wird nie zu etwas unendlichen führen,
Vorallem wenn beide so fühlen,
Sie bleiben sich trotzdem zugewandt,
In ewiger freundschaftlicher Treue,
Gehen sie nun Ihre eigenen Wege.

*Poem for the collage self-titled

Mallie Hellström ‘Golden Smog Golden Lungs’ Collage on handmade paper, 22×17,5 cm, 2022
Mallie Hellström, ‘Untitled’ Mixed media collage, 2022

These are not enough for Hellström, with the collage technique she has developed, the artist begins to create touching and critical scenes over time.

Her work honors the Dada aesthetic in the 21st century. Mallie takes the viewer on a tour through many layers of thought and history in her compositions created with the traditional method, these visual poems can also be read as serious paintings that examine many concepts.

She also takes active part in artist collectives and open to receive requests for exhibitions as well collaborations under her Instagram @artbyhellstrm or by email artbyhellstrm @ gmail.com

Don’t forget to visit artbyhellstrm for more art.

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