Invisible Chains of the Economic Warfare

Jeremy Profit ‘Bank’ 2005 (Negative)

*In 1971, during president Richard Nixon rule, the monetary system was changed. According to this, the paper currency would not be backed by gold and silver; instead, it would be backed by the so-called power of U.S. government. It means that the “money” would be created in any amount arbitrary by the government and FED (Federal Reserve) partnership. This incident called Nixon Shock effected other countries and now all the governments in the world create pieces of papers with numbers on them, but no intrinsic value.

Excerpt from the book “Masters and Slaves” by Hamza Yardımcıoğlu

In fact, “money” which is in the center of all our lives is not money. We just believe so. Money has not being used in the world since 1971. We use something called fiat currency” instead, pieces of papers with no intrinsic value. The money is gold and silver and it had been so during history. For thousands of years!

Let’s say you give your coat to a dry cleaner. And he gives you a piece of paper as delivery receipt. You will give it to him the next day and take your coat back. In fact that paper has no value unless it is backed by your coat. The valuable thing is the coat. And “paper money” is like this. It has to be backed by gold and silver. And it was like this in the past. But now the monetary system in the world is totally different.

The Latin word “fiat” means “let it be done”. Some people say “let it be money” and then the so called money is created. Then it is given to business man, to workers, to house buyers, etc. as debt. So they suddenly become slaves and work for the money creators, in order to pay back that imaginary stuff. This system is totally based on illusion. In fact, there is no money there. In this monetary system which is depended on its masters’ will, these pieces of paper are suitable to be manipulated, and the manipulation is literally what is being done. The value of the so called money melts down time by time. So the peoples lose their purchasing power in each money creation. But you never hear the news about this regular creation on tv or anywhere else, although it is so important for public. You lose your savings and get poorer even without noticing, each time they create extra “money”.

Actually, money is a great invention. It makes life easier. You can store your savings within money. For example, you produce 100 liters of milk. You cannot carry that milk in your pocket. Or you cannot keep it for one year, to use it. But you exchange it with money, then you can carry and keep it as long as you want.

Money is not only good for storing your savings but it also allows you to store your energy and time which you already spent to earn it. This means money is a tool that allows you to carry your freedom in your pocket. If they take it from you by force (as tax) or with systemic delusions (inflation, floating exchange rates, interest rates, etc.), they steal your freedom. By the way, governments and the global financial elite become your masters and you become their slaves. You work all the time but you cannot accumulate money as much as you really deserve. What you earn is only enough to survive. Maybe you do not even have a house. All you earn, all your freedom leak away through invisible cracks. But you do not even know that you are a slave of the system.

Jeremy Profit ‘Corps Qui Tombent’, ‘Open for Business as Usual’ 2004

That system continually promises you hope to keep you sleeping. It offers you easy amusements to stall you off. It is such a system that not only transforming every free born human into a slave for both visible and invisible masters; but it also make people become voluntary defenders working to keep the system alive. It makes beautiful look ugly, and makes evil look good. It motivates people to stone those who ignore dogmas, brain narcotizing ideologies and beliefs. Even if its brain washed slaves are about starve to death, they applaud for their dictators who live super luxury lives with what they steal from themselves. The voluntary slaves are jealous and hateful for the free minds that reject to obey. They want them to remain slaves just like themselves. Since the makers of the system know these psychological mechanisms very well, they like to use them.

In order to develop an alternative to the global slavery system, it is needed to recognize the present system and how it actually works. So let’s recognize…


The total amount of the annual goods and services production in the world is 60 trillion dollars. Whereas the papers sold in global stock markets annually are 1.2 quadrillion dollars. (AOL Media, Peter Peter Cohan article, 9 June 2010) 20 times more than the real production! So where does the 800 trillion dollar gap -this is a bubble to pop- come from and controlled by who?

Even this example alone, is a clear indicator that something is horribly wrong in the global financial system.

Fiat money is the only constant tie between states and peoples. Because those pieces of papers or digits in bank accounts, officially belong to the states indirectly. And you always have to use them. So the fiat money is like an invisible rope tying people to their states. It is not like gold and silver. Because precious metals have intrinsic value, independent from states. They are acceptable anywhere in the world without requiring an official legitimization. So a monetary system other than gold/silver standard, is a kind of centralization of power which is no good. So, if money is a rope in the hands of states, that tying their people; we can say that peoples are the puppets and the states are the puppeteers.

What is money and how does a financial system work?


Before the invention of money, there was barter. But it was a difficult method for trading. Because both parties should have demanded the product of the other party.

Let’s say:

Person A has a sheep and he wants to exchange it with a donkey.

Person B has grain and he wants to exchange it with a sheep.

Person C has a donkey and he wants to exchange it with grain.

In this case, any two of them cannot exchange their goods. Because one demands the other person’s good, but that other person does not demand his customer’s good. Only in the case that three of these people accidentally gather all together, and three of them makes a deal, then the goods can be exchanged.

Also the value of goods to be exchanged was not equal all the time and they were not able to give change to their customers.

So ancient people used pieces of gold and silver for trade in different periods of history. Because they had intrinsic value as precious metals since they were used as jewels. They played role as a mediatory unit. But gold and silver were not still money. Because they did not have standard weight. According to the recorded history, Lydians invented money in 7th century BC. They melted gold and silver together and molded them in a standard size and weight. Now gold and silver turned into money. And it helped the trade to grow faster.

This was how the monetary system started. It lasted for thousands of years. Money helped a lot to the societies on trade, development and getting civilized.

After centuries, in 1913, “FED” the central bank in the US, was founded and the seeds of the monetary system called fiat which the whole world uses today was planted. Prior to that, there was not a central bank in the US.

There was not even income tax in the US until that time. Simultaneously with FED, income tax law was issued. So the secret and indirect partnership between banks and governments over slaves was set up.

Before the establishment of FED, the US dollars used to represent gold and silver. It means that the dollars were gold and silver cheques. But after the establishment of FED, the ratio between the printed dollars and the gold in the treasury was reduced to 40% instead of 100%. This means if there were 100 units of gold in the treasury, then they could print dollars as if there were 160 units of gold.

In the later stages, this ratio would fall to zero and FED would be able to print unlimited amount of so called money. By this way, rising inflation could transfer the melted purchasing power of people to the creators of the system, in a magical way.

In 1944, one of the most important events of slavery history took place in New Hampshire in the US. Representatives of 44 ally countries of the World War II gathered in a conference and signed a paper called the Bretten Woods Agreement. According to it, the common foreign currency reserve unit for all these countries would be US dollars. And the exchange rate of dollar would be fixed as “1 ounce of gold is equal to 35 dollars”. So the US started to export dollars to the world countries in an indirect way. The world countries started to stock their foreign currencies in US dollars, in their treasuries. A currency backed by 40% of gold and 60% of the US willpower.

In 1971, the tie between dollars and gold was completely abolished during the rule of US president Richard Nixon. Now the US dollars were pieces of paper back by 100% of US willpower. So the Bretten Woods Agreement was abolished but the system was continued in practice, though. Even today almost all countries in the world keep their foreign currency reserves in US dollars. And also all the countries print fiat money just like the US. Their economy gets troubled each time they print new money, and give it to their people as debt via banks. Then the inflation comes up and the savings of peoples melt down. 

For example: If there are 20 dollars in circulation in an economy; and if the total assets of that economy is 10 kilos of grain; then 1 kilo of grain will cost 2 dollars. If you print 20 dollars more and put them in circulation, although the grain production does not rise, than 1 kilo of grain will now cost 4 dollars. Although there are 20+20=40 dollars in that economy, it is not grown; the value of that economy is still 10 kilos of grain. Someone who has 2 dollars loses the half of his purchasing power; now he can buy only half kilo of grain instead of 1 kilo.

The global financial crisis of 2008 was an example showing the world that all the kings are naked. Just like in the story of “the emperor’s new clothes”. According to that story:

“Once upon a time, there was an emperor who was only interested in good clothes. He was so in love with it that he did not care much for anything else. One day a few conmen appeared and told him that they were excellent weavers and that they could make the most beautiful fabric in the world. It didn’t take long to get the Emperor’s attention. They told him they made fabrics of wonderful samples and colors with a specific feature. They were invisible to anyone who was stupid or incapable of doing his job.

The conmen ordered some of the finest materials and secretly they sold them to get the money. To fool the Emperor and his servants they started to weave but there was nothing. The Emperor sent him most loyal servants to check up on them. When they saw that they can’t see the alleged fabric, they were scared that they’ll get fired for being stupid or incompetent to do their jobs. That is the reason why they lied that they saw magical fabrics.

In the end, the Emperor decided together with many helpers to see the fabrics and see how the weavers work was going. Everyone who accompanied him was afraid to come off as a stupid person so they admired the fabric that wasn’t there and advised the Emperor to put that nothing on himself. The conmen showed him the cape, pants, and the coat but they were actually empty handed.

The Emperor took all the clothes off of himself and the conmen dressed him in the invisible clothes. The Emperor started a procession where his servants walked behind him with their hands raised to hold the cape. Everyone admired him and his new clothes until one boy yelled that ‘the Emperor had no clothes on!”

* * *

The credits that FED recklessly released in the US -most of them were mortgage credits- were being sold in stock markets all around the world as receivable papers. This is unbelievable but true. Debts were being sold. They were in circulation among the broker companies each time adding profit margin on them. The so called value of these papers representing the receivables of imaginary money, eventually increased multiple times and turned into a huge bubble. When people realized that these debts were not actually receivable, it was too late. Then the bubble popped. Then they created more and more so called money to fix the problem. In the following four years, the US printed five times more amount of money (4 trillion dollars) than the amount it had printed during the whole US history (800 billion dollars). But in fact it didn’t fix anything; all they did was creating another bubble which is much bigger than the previous one. And they are still creating money out of nothing. Also the other big economies are doing the same thing.

Nothing in the universe becomes absent when it exists, or vice versa either; things transform, they change their state. The same mentality can be applied to the economies too. When you lose your money/freedom because of economic crisis and inflation, it goes to some other people. When you were able to buy 1 kilo of grain with your 2 dollars in that 10 kilos grain economy in the first place, then you get able to buy half kilo, and then 100 grams, and finally only 1 gram. This is what’s happening in the monetary system in the world today.

The operations of central banks, effect every person’s life on earth today. So we should understand these structures, to see what is actually happening.

Central banks are generally private corporations, which are not even belonged to the states, just like FED. The governments give bonds (debentures) to central banks. A bond is debt pledge of a government. In response to this, the central bank prints money with the amount of bonds, and release that money into circulation. The way they do it is giving that money as credit (debt) with an interest rate, to people. When this so called money is taken by people as debt, it saves a real value. Because now there are slaves working and producing real value for the bank and the government. The state and the bank pretend as if they have real money in their hand. They feed with the energy of slaves laboring for them. What they simply do is just trickily organizing slaves to labor.

The centralized control of money is centralization of power. But gold and silver which are real money in all around the world, are independent from central banks. Because they have intrinsic value.

Fiat monetary system is the invisible chains on the necks of slaves. They don’t see the chains tying them, so they think they are free. The longer your chains are, the further you can go. In other words the more money you have, the more free you become.

We have discussed the mechanism of the global shadow kingdom which turned into a great monster in the last century, as it had never managed to be so big and wild previously in history. The slavery system has been continuing for thousands of years but it is now the greatest of all times. Its huge size is also its weakest point. Its greed made it so inflated and it’s about to pop. Now the next thing is just masses to see that all the kings are naked.

The above mentioned finance bubble will pop in the near future, maybe in a few years. And the world will have to confront the greatest economic collapse ever. All the economies which experimented fiat monetary system in history, eventually collapsed with having a hyper-inflation. Yuan Dynasty in China in XI. Century; England in XII. Century; France in XVIII. Century, etc… They all experimented fiat system and shared the same destiny in the end.

Now the present system is about to expire and running towards a hyper-inflation which is the dead end. No government and no bank can create money out thin air forever. Because when the purchasing power of people, falls under the level of starvation, the system inevitably collapse with causing chaos.

The next collapse will probably happen in two stages. A global bond crisis will take place and the state will have to print much more money. Then people will think that everything is getting alright, but shortly after the dead end will suddenly appear with hyper-inflation.

The previous fiat experiments were all on local scale. But this time it will be on global scale, since dollar is a common foreign currency reserve unit around the world, and the gears of the system are connected globally. Also the bubble is inflated in a crazy way. When it pops, the whole world will be in a great depression. Worldly renown economists like Mike Maloney, Jim Rickards and many more also write about the same inevitable scenario in their books with mentioning numbers, formulas and how destructive it will be. When the present system collapses, a new economy model will probably be imposed. And this will most probably be something called “informationism” which means that the production will be based on information instead of capital. Those who control the information technologies will organize the production in the age of information.

Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008)

The slaves of world will have a chance for freedom when the day of collapse arrives and wakes people from their deep sleep unpleasantly. If they cannot use this chance, the masters this time, will be those who possess information. And the others will most probably be slaves who are implanted with micro-chips…

Taken from Hamza Yardımcıoğlu ‘Masters and Slaves’ 2017

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