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Double Dragon: Valerie Sury & Caroline Sury, 2010

Vava (Valerie Sury) was born in 1966 in Laval, France. From 1997 to 2003 she opened an experimental art venue called Zoobizarre focused on underground culture in Bordeaux: a scene for international and local bands, a gallery with a library, performances, art vidéo and concerts.

In 2003 she moved to Montreal and lived there until 2009. She again opened a structure equal to the Zoobizarre in France. She plays the local Montrealer and American scene. In parallel she pursues her artistic career and carries out a new art project “Art Kill Texas” comprising 11 pieces, these paintings were greatly inspired by her trip at the 2005 Music Festival South by SouthWest in Austin, Texas. Back home in Montréal she used her sketchings from the festival to create a silkscreen art book. From this art book emerged 36 x 36 inch paintings. She was currently shown in different galleries in Canada and USA.

left: Corns Gang (ex-Unicorns), right: ‘Helmet’ 90cm x 90cm acrylic on canvas, ‘Art Kill Texas’ Series, 2006 -Ask For Price-
Maximo Park, 90 cm x 90 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2006 -Ask For Price-

Vava (Valérie Sury) est née en 1966 à Laval, France. De 1997 à 2003, elle ouvre un lieu d’art expérimental appelé Zoobizarre axé sur la culture underground à Bordeaux : scène de groupes internationaux et locaux, galerie avec bibliothèque, performances, vidéo d’art et concerts.

En 2003, elle s’installe à Montréal et y habite jusqu’en 2009. Elle ouvre à nouveau une structure équivalente au Zoobizarre en France. Elle joue sur la scène locale montréalaise et américaine. En parallèle elle poursuit sa carrière artistique et réalise un nouveau projet artistique « Art Kill Texas » comprenant 11 pièces, ces peintures ont été grandement inspirées par son voyage au Music Festival South by SouthWest en 2005 à Austin, Texas. De retour à Montréal, elle a utilisé ses croquis du festival pour créer un livre d’art en sérigraphie. De ce livre d’art ont émergé des peintures de 36 x 36 pouces. Elle est actuellement exposée dans différentes galeries au Canada et aux États-Unis.

De retour en France, elle vit à Marseille. Elle est diplômée d’une licence de céramiste décoratrice puis d’une licence d’animation culturelle. Elle est choisie pour être artiste résidente pendant 3 mois dans le lieu artistique Buropolis ouvert dans un bâtiment abandonné. Vava crée un nouveau projet artistique “Skate Parasyte” comprenant une nouvelle série de peintures sur le thème du surf plus plus d’une douzaine de peintures réalisées sur skateboard.

En 2022 Vava vit actuellement à Marseille où elle travaille comme travailleuse artistique dans un centre social et donne des ateliers artistiques.

Gossip, 90 cm x 90 cm, acrylic on canvas, ‘Art Kill Texas’ Series, 2006 -Ask For Price-
VAVA at work!

Back in France she lives in Marseille. She graduated from a ceramic decorator licence and then a cultural animation licence. She is chosen to be an artist resident for 3 months in Buropolis artistic place opened in a derelict building. Vava creates a new art project “Skate Parasyte” comprising a new series of paintings on the theme of surfing plus more than a dozen paintings made on skateboard.

In 2022 Vava currently lives in Marseille where she works as an artistic worker in a social center and gives artistic workshop.

VAVA “Skate Parasyte” Series, original paintings on board, 2022
VAVA “Skate Parasyte” Series, original paintings on board, 2022
VAVA Style !!




VAVA “Skate Parasyte” Series, original paintings on board, 2022
VAVA SURY artiste plasticienne présente sa toute dernière collaboration artistique sous forme d’un clip vidéo autour de son exposition intitulée “Trecento”
VAVA ‘Peinture’ 2021

View from the artist’s atelier
SK8 PARASYTE: View from the artist’s workshop
Books by VAVA

French artist Vava is a painter, illustrator, autor, sculptor. She studied in Nantes Fine Art School with complementary courses from Montpellier Fine Art School. During “Itinéraires d’artistes Forum” organized by the French Aquitaine Regional Council her sketchbooks were awarded a special distinction by the jury. At the same occasion the Rotary Club buys her a portfolio comprising illustrations, silkscreen prints with etching inclusions. In 2000 she’s chosen to be part of an artist residency at Lakeside studio in Michigan USA. Her works are further shown in full at the Lakeside Gallery. Some of these artwork from this exhibit plus some new pieces are put together a year later in a joint exhibit specially organized for the March Gallery in Chicago. Her paintings and papier mâché dolls carry the intensity linked with Art Brut through complex compositions and meticulous application of textures and colors. Her acrylic paintings sometimes borrow the idea of ex-voto paintings using contemporary pop iconography taken for the most part from popular culture, some of her works show a strong influence from the cartoonesque world of Asian Manga, Mexican popular and global subculture. Working on papier mâché let’s Vava create her forms quickly taking on quirky figurative shapes reminiscent of Niki de St Phalles or Louise Bourgeois. It is tempting to describe Vava’s silkscreen art books as artsy and edgy comics. The result is challenging visuals, at times almost childish, as well a mix of French and English views giving a unique perspective on American experience and French artistic influences.


facebook: valerie.sury

instagram: vava_french_brut_artist

Caroline Sury: carolinesurymi

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