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tiny star
Estrellita Mia

New Art for a New Age

Estrellita Mía = Tinystar

from the editor

Leonardo Casas Garci

TinyStar is a english version of chilean fanzine displaying the most exciting of today’s artistic expressions. Each issue is filled with original art, illustration, photography, interviews, pop music, poetry going on at the fringes of culture.

Since Estrellita Mía’s appearance, our first fanzine (in July 2016), our trip has been incredible, not only have we fulfilled the dream of publishing artists who had been doing tremendous graphic work, but we have also met great creators from different latitudes. One of our 2020 goals is to be able to offer our catalog in downloadable versions for our readers, although we love the magazine / book format, we are aware of how far we are sometimes from our readers and collaborators and how important is to offer in real time the delivering of our editorial project. In order to make it easier for our readers in other countries to approach our publications, we are happy to announce that TINYSTAR e-zine will be the Estrellita Mía International forum.

Tiny Star is Estrellita Mía and Estrellita Mía is Tiny Star. Symbolically and redolent with these times of change, we think it would be a way of energize our brand, integrate more readers and open up the possibility of new editorial projects. In this edition we include three interviews with three very interesting individuals, who display a strong desire to create an autonomous artistic world : In 2013, Feral House – one of the bravest publishers in the spreading of cutting-edge culture of the last 30 years – published “Ye Ye Girls”, a volume dedicated to the analysis and presentation of the wide and powerful world of French female vocalists from the 1960s. Its author JEAN-EMMANUEL DELUXE, has written for magazines such as Lui, Rock and Folk, among others, as well as he is responsible for take to the French public fruition’s artists like April March. In this interview he tells us about his latest work, this time as a composer and arranger, “Rouen Dreams”, a collaborative project that takes several steps ahead of our time. Along this same visionary and radical line, from another perspective, we have included the interview that Australian author Josh M. Griffiths conducted with the artist, filmmaker and cultural eso-terrorist, TOBY ZOATES. Toby spoke to Mr. Griffiths about his life, point of views, anecdotes, and future projects. Finally, we have something that many readers of Estrellita Mía have been asking us for: an extensive interview with the legendary IGOR RUZ, conducted by the journalist @adriano_queer. We have had published a few works by Igor Ruz in some past issues of Estrellita Mía, and for this interview we have included some unpublished drawings on our pages. We checked it out Igor’s “Inhumanities 2016 -19” a edition from Italy’s Peer Pressure Press, of which we also talk about in this edition. Another publication that we wanted to introduce to you is “Placenta” by Maryline from Paris. “Placenta” is a small anthology composed of self-portraits and snapshots that go beyond the bounds of intimacy, but made with a shrewd, poetic and an always attentive gaze.

During March of this year the E2 gallery –based in Belgium and directed by Emilie Ouvrand – has opened “Divine”, a bipersonal exhibition dedicated to the work of the artists GEA (Chile /USA) and Stu Mead (USA). “Divine” has been an excellent opportunity to know the work of two artists who, from their respective frames and references, develop an art where sex and innocence are always on the edge of good and evil. We think totally in the vibe of our times. We transcribe the presentation text written by the gallery to present the show. We have the great pleasure to present a photographic essay by Chilean based Andy Spark. Kitsch, the beauty of the inanimate and saturated colors appears as a constant in Andy’s work. We present you a very special “equine” series. Finally we want to offer you a preview of one of our upcoming editions, “Mike Kelley (Aproximately)”.

By far, Mike Kelley was a figure who ventured into multiples media and endeavours developing some subjects that are still as current as at their peak: everyday dynamics distorted by cultural traumas, adolescent culture on the verge, lost memory syndrome, footprint childhood, and a long etcetera of neglected and forbidden forms of domestic expressions. We present some of the highlights of the call for artworks we made during 2019 to put together the project: Catalina Schliebener (Chile), Ilaria Novelli (Italy), Jorge Who (Argentina), Yoresucker (Japan), Limón Camilo, Rodrigo Leufuman Alvaro Córdova and Gaz Fel (Chile). In this first issue we are happy: all the material featured here is brand new and in-edit. Besides, Tiny Star’s digital format has also allowed us to explore full color and include more content. We want send a big THANK YOU to all the artists and creators who liked our project and today are displayed in these pages!

ESTRELLITA MIA mini catalogue 2-1
Estrellita Mia zine (2016)

Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do
not necessarily represent those of the publisher. The graphic
content displayed is responsabillity of its respective creators.
Editor : Leonardo Casas
Art Director : Clem D’Cantel
Advertising : Eliana García
2020. All rights retained by respective artists.

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