Irish Leftist Power: MOOT POST

Irish Leftist fanzine ‘Moot Post’ no:01, 2017

Founded in 2009. Moot is the brainchild of our dear leader Magnus Orlando Ovaltine Tamakishi. He be queathed us the ways of the leftist mind and we have continued his glorious teachings in the form of a low’ budget, low-circulatıon zine.

While the people of Ireland sleep, the glorious. Soaring Moot Tower pulses with activity into the night disseminating pure leftest muck into the deep crevices of our undulating society.

Moot is located at the geographic centre of Ireland due to the beneficial natural amplification of our soothing Moot radiowaves. Let the waves pour into your ears and ooze out of your nose.

Our team of diligent comrades have brought forth an unwashed lump of pure content in this zine. In the process they exhausted every ounce of energy in their collectivised pod-brains. It may be a couple of months before we can whip them into shape to make a second zine. Contrary to prior reports. Moots contributors are in fact quite well treated and we have had less nervous breakdowns this year than our last.

Stephen Morton, moot post #01, 2017

Moot Headquarters, photo by Alan S.

Moot is truth,

Moot is true,

Moot is for me and for you:

If you would like to contribute to Moot, please email us at themootpost @

You can submit your art, essays, prose, poetry, comics, photography, video or any ideas to be included in our next zine.

Moot records : We are looking to release cassettes of electronic music. Email us your demos and we’ll get back to you.

Consider supporting moot on our patreon, or by helping us distribute our material both online and off.

Pdfs of our zines and various agitprop will be available on our website for free.

Moot Post no.1 pdf edition

Special thanks to Conor, Philip and Erman.


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